Our Purpose and Principles

A-Tek pharma ltd are a WDA licensed and GDP compliant pharmaceutical wholesaler. Our purpose is to unite and connect our international customers, consumers, and communities with readily access to the best healthcare solutions.

As a family run company, we personally strive to work around the clock to optimize your customers health and wellbeing so we can be at the forefront of your medical journey for you and future generations.

At A-Tek, we are driven by a strong integration of our four key principles.





Our A-Tek family embed and embody our principles into our culture and mission everyday so that we can formulate and deliver outstanding care across our global markets where people in need can thrive in this challenging and ever-changing climate.

Trusting A-Tek with your global healthcare solutions

All distribution processes, procurement, product due-diligence and sales procedures are stringently governed and continuously inspected by our government agency the M.H.R.A (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) on a regular basis

We take acute time and prevision to ensure the wellbeing, safety and reassurance of our customers, suppliers, and partners so we can deliver a first class service.

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